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Online payment has been advocated around the world, which is the future way to pay bills. In China, Alipay is popular everywhere, even the small business can be finished by this advanced way. People play the joke that they don't need to worry about the lack of cash. The advantages of online payment are obvious.

全world都stay提倡network支付,this是未来支付账单的方式。stayChina,支付宝到处都受到欢迎,even to the extent that连小生意都sure通过this种先进的方式完成。人开玩笑说,they不需要担心缺乏现金。stay线支付的好处是显而易见的。

Firstly, it saves people's time to pay bills. The use of online payment is carried out with a smart phone. Especially when we go to the supermarket, there are always a lot of people waiting in the long line. The process of costing customers' time is to take out the cash or use the credit card, because both customers and cashiers need to count the money or check the bills. But now the cashier can just scan the phone and the bill will be paid and the customer can check quickly.


Second, people don't have to worry about getting the fake cash. Many years ago, people were easy to get fake money as they received the change. But now, as the cash have been used less, people won't receive the fake cash without paper money. With the development of new applications, our life will be much convenient.