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电脑game与We的健康 Computer games and our health

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Write at least 60 words according to the given topic “Computer games and our health” (以 “电脑game与We的健康” 为题写话,词数不少于60个)

How do students like playing computer games in your class?

Is it good or bad for health if they spend much time in the computer room? Why?

Would you give your kind advice to them?

Most boys in our class like playing computer games. Some of them even think computer game is a part of their life. They play computers games not only on weekends but also after school. But as we all know, it is bad for their health if they spend much time in their computer room. Generally their eyesight is much worse than others'. The air in the computer room is also not very clean and fresh. And they must feel tired if they play computer games for a long time. All those are harmful to their health .So please give up playing computer games. Try to spend more time on school work. Students can read books or play football instead. It is much more important for them to study hard and keep healthy.