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stay你心中,what是美? What is beauty in your mind?

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以“ What is beauty in your mind? ”为主题,发表own的观点,题目自拟。要求:

1. 行文流畅,观点鲜明,论证充郑

2. 谌莘岣唬愦畏置鳎呒强;

3. 词数 150 about。

范文一:Beauty will buy no beef

Everyone admires beauty. Everyone has his own standard about beauty.

Nowadays some people tend to think that they own beauty if they have a good looking. They are not satisfied with their appearance. They spend much money taking a kind of operation. Can beauty really be man-made? If so, everybody can get beauty. As a result, there is no beauty at all.

The appearance is given by our parents and is unique in the world. Everyone should value it. I'd rather prefer nature as the standard of beauty. Just accept yourself, accept everything the god gives to you, and create the beautiful life belong to you.

Many heroes don't have beautiful surface. However, their beautiful images often come to our minds. Their beauty comes from their contributions to the society.

Don't be eager to judge whether a person is beautiful or not without a thorough understanding of him. A beautiful person is not the one with a good looking, but with a broad and kind heart.

Good looking is pleasant while spiritual beauty is more important. As an old saying goes, “ Virtue is fairer than beauty. ” If you have a kind heart, you own real beauty.