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假如你是某中学student 李华。最近,你班classmate正stay参加21centuryenglish报“everybody谈”栏康囊桓鎏致邸his time话题为:“父母有没有必要陪读?” 请你根据下表所列情况给报社写一封信,客观地introduce讨论的情况。

70%的classmatethink: 30%的classmatethink: 1. 父母不应该陪读 2. 父母陪读让We养成依赖的习惯,不利于Wetake来自控能力的培养,不利于We培养良好难跋肮摺 3. 父母陪读影响了they的工作、学习和休息。 1. 父母应该陪读 2. 父母陪读能使We腾出more的专难埃筗e身体更健康。 3. 父母陪读能帮助We确立学习目标,督促We完成学习任务,鼓励We独立解决difficulty,培养We养成良好难跋肮摺


1. 信男问已经为你写好。


3.参考词汇:陪读 accompany sb. studying at school 督促 urge

Dear editor,

Recently our class have had a heated discussion on whether students should be accompanied by parents studying at school. Opinions are divided on the topic.

70% of my classmates hold the view that there is no need for parents to do so. For one thing, we may fall into the habit of dependence, which will have a negative effect on the development of our self-control ability. For another, it will affect our parents' work, study and rest.

However, 30% of us are in favor of it. In their opinion, with parents accompanying us, we can spare more time to concentrate on our study and we will become more healthy. Furthermore, parents can help set our study goal and urge us to complete our study tasks. Also we can overcome difficulties on our own. with their encouragement and develop a good habit of studying.

Best wishes.