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拒绝吸烟 Saying No to Smoking

来源: yabo.cn栏目: 初三英语作文

据world卫生organization(WHO)统计,每年有200万人死于吸烟,60万人死于二手烟。为此,我国规定,从this year5月1 日起,严禁stay公共场所吸烟。请你结合下面所给要点,以“Saying No to Smoking”为题,谈谈吸烟的危害。

1. 吸烟有害;

2. 吸烟导致咳嗽、肺癌等疾病;

3. 吸烟影响青少年沙ぃ

4. 二手烟同样有害;

5. 你的态度:面对别宋獭⒏蘗es? 办?

注意: 1. 词数:100词about; 2. 应覆盖All要点;可适当增加细节,使行文连贯;3. 参考词汇:lung cancer肺癌; secondhand smoke二手烟

According to the WHO,2 million people died from smoking and 600 thousand from secondhand smoke every year. So smoking is banned in China in all public places both inside and outside from May 1 on.

As is known to all, smoking is bad for people's health. It may cause many diseases such as cough, lung cancer and so on. Smoking is especially harmful to us teenagers because our bodies are still growing. Secondhand smoke does harm to us as well. So we must do something to keep away from smoking. If someone offers a cigarette, we should refuse it. And if anyone smokes nearby, we should try to stop it. From now on, everyone of us should follow the law and say no to smoking.