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prohibit捕捉青蛙 Ban the Capture Of Frogs

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Dear Children,


Do you must know that tadpoles (蝌蚪) grow up to small frogs. Frogs can eat insects, so they are our human's good friends. We should protect them, not hurt them.

You guys一定know 小蝌蚪沙の∏嗤,青蛙sureeat昆虫,所以青蛙是死嗟暮胒riend。We应该保护它,而不是伤害它。但一些hotel也出售青蛙肉。有一次,dad 和他的friend带我去eat晚饭。一个待者说,“你看,this是We男绿厣,田鸡。”我很生气,becausethey伤害了We的好friend---青蛙!

But some hotels are also sold the frog meat. Once, dad and his friends took me to dinner. One waiter said ,"look, this is our new special, the frog. "I was very angry, because they hurt our good friends-frogs!

The frogs are a national protection animal. But in daily life many people use frog meat as a tonic or delicacies. A frog catches about 2,000 pests(害虫 ) a month. We kill frogs in large numbers. The pests will flood (泛滥) .The crops will suffer, too. So it's necessary to ban the capture of frogs.

青蛙是country保护animal 。但stay日常life中,很多人都把青蛙肉当作滋补品或美味佳肴。一只青蛙一个月约捕捉害虫2000只。We大量捕杀青蛙。害虫take泛滥。农作物也会遭殃。therefore,有必要prohibit捕捉青蛙。

That's all. Thanks!