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关于战疫 抗击新型冠状病毒肺火疫情的高中英语作文带翻译

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Spring Festival is the most grand traditional festival of the Chinese nation. However, a novel coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak suddenly affects every one of us. In this "anti epidemic" battle, the whole country has shown great responsibility, and has made concerted efforts to overcome difficulties. From the Party Central Committee to the grass-roots organizations, from the front-line angels in white to the silent supporters behind, everyone is carrying on the load and walking with us through the cold and long winter, allowing us to have a "warm spring".

new year,是中华民族最隆重盛大的传统谌铡H欢怀⌒滦凸谧病毒感染的肺炎疫情突如其来,牵动着We每personal男摹taythis场“抗疫”战斗中,全国上下尽显担当,勠力同心,共渡难关。从党中央到基层organization,从一线白衣天使奖澈髎ilently支援者,每personal都stay负重前行,陪We走过寒冷、漫长的冬天,许We一场“春暖花开”。

You are the sun, through the haze, give me warmth. In this war without gunpowder, greed is more terrible than the epidemic. Some people take the opportunity to bid up prices, hoard and hoard goods, and replace inferior goods with inferior ones. In this way, the behavior of looting while the fire is burning and making a lot of money is like a haze, which is not only popular in moral laws, but also chilling. Fortunately, greed is not enough to fight for positive energy. This society has moved us more and more. Adversity shows true feelings. In the loudspeaker, the Secretary of the branch, the village grid administrator who went door-to-door to investigate the epidemic, and the anonymous who silently supported the medical staff with love materials You are like a wisp of sunshine, gathering to form a huge light and heat, warming our hearts.

你是阳光,穿过阴霾,给我温暖。staythis场没有硝烟的战争中,比疫情更可怕的是贪婪。有些人趁机哄抬物价、囤积居奇、以次充好,this样趁火打劫、大发国难财男形拖袷且貊玻唤鲇胁诘赖路桑钊撕心。所幸的是,贪婪战不胜正能量,this个社会给Wemore地是感动、是患难见真情。stay大喇叭里苦口婆心劝说的支部书记、挨家挨户排查疫情的村网格管理员、silently向医护人员支援爱心物资的无名人士……You guys就像一缕缕阳光,汇聚起来形成了巨大的光与热,温暖了We男奈选

You are the sun, shining into winter, let me bloom. At the time of the epidemic, most of the people could not avoid it, but the medical staff chose to stand up and contact with the epidemic. You are overworked every day, fighting against viruses, fighting against death, and racing against time. You are the "fighters" in the "epidemic" field and the brave "reversers". However, I know that you are also flesh and blood, will also be attacked by disease, you also have wives and children, you set foot on the "retrograde" road in the care of your family. This winter, thanks to your efforts, good news comes frequently. You are the sunshine, let's firmly believe that the cold winter is about to pass, and the flowers of spring are about to open. m.yyzw.com

你是阳光,照进寒冬,许我花开。疫情肆虐之时,大部分人避之不及、闭门不出,可是医护人员却choice送ι矶觯胍咔榻嗬虢哟ァou guys每天超负荷工作,与病毒交锋、与死神抗争、与time赛跑,You guys是“疫”场上的“战士”,是勇敢的“逆行者”。可是,我know ,You guysSo is it血肉之躯,也会受到病魔侵袭,You guys也有妻儿老小,You guysstay家人的牵挂中踏上了“逆行”之路。this个冬天,stayYou guys的努力下,好消息频频传来。You guys是阳光,让We坚信寒冬即take过去,春斓幕ǘ鸵恕

You are the sun, dispel the darkness, give me hope. Since the outbreak of novel coronavirus infection pneumonia, the CPC Central Committee has attached great importance to it, and has held many meetings on epidemic prevention and control work, and has made a series of important instructions. At the call of the Party Central Committee, all organizations across the country are united in overcoming difficulties. Medical and medical personnel from all over Hubei Province, enterprises supporting materials day and night, and relevant industries racing to build huoshenshan and other emergency hospitals, and grass-roots organizations to fully implement joint prevention and control measures, and build a strong fortress against "epidemic". Although the number of confirmed cases is still rising, the unprecedented unity of the whole country is like a ray of sunshine in the dark, which gives us great power and illuminates our confidence and courage to overcome the epidemic.


You allow me to spring, I allow you not to change the original heart. In the epidemic of this war, no one is an outsider. Every one of us should keep integrity and kindness, stick to our posts, be brave in dedication, and practice our original aspiration and mission with practical actions. We believe that in the near future, victory will belong to the great Chinese nation!

你许我春暖花开,我许你不改初心。staythis场战“疫”里,谁也不是“局外人”。We每personal都应该保持正直与善良,坚守工作岗位,勇于奉献,用实市卸谐心和使命。Webelieve,大地回春就stay不远的tomorrow ,胜利终take属于伟大的中华民族!