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一双旧鞋子 A Pair of Old Shoes

来源: yabo.cn栏目: 英语美男郎

People often drop into a grey life and are unable to escape from themselves.


There once was a poor and disappointed salesman complaining about his work and life every day.


At Christmas Eve, every family was busy preparing for the festival and full of happiness.

stay平安夜那天,每家每户都忙着为谌兆鱣et ready,到处洋溢着欢乐。

But he was alone sitting in a bench in a park and remembering the past.


It was on the same day last year when he was also alone drinking his Christmas day away, even without new clothes and new shoes.


“Damn! I have to spend this Christmas day with these old shoes again.”

“唉!this year我又只能穿this双旧鞋过节了。”

He began to take off the old shoes.


Suddenly, he found a young man in a wheel chair driving by him with his hands pushing the wheel hard forward.

突然,他find 一个年轻人坐stay轮椅上,双手正stay用力向前推车轮。

He came to realize that he was so lucky to have shoes to wear while that man did not even have the chance.

他突然意识到他很幸运,他还有鞋子穿,而那personaleven to the extent that没有机会穿鞋。

Later on, the salesman did anything with a calm mood and held every opportunity to improve himself.


He worked hard and tried his best to make a progress every day.


Several years later, he finally changed his life and became a millionaire.


If you look all around, you will find there are so many people who were born disabled in the society but they are confident in life and never complain.

if你环顾四周,你会find 社会上很多天生残疾的人,但they对life充满信心,从不抱怨。

Instead, they always try their best to make themselves stronger and more excellent to serve the society.


We are born healthy, but we are always displeased with our jobs and life.


Maybe all of us would feel afraid when we fall into such frustrating state of life, but the worse thing is that you even do not realize it at all.